Mandy has enjoyed getting to know the wonderful people that she has had the pleasure of treating since moving to Matakana with her young family. Mandy spent the early years of her career in Sydney, before moving back to NZ to be closer to family. Mandy loved her time in Sydney - the wonderful people she had the privilege of treating and the mentoring from talented health professionals made it an invaluable experience. During her time in Sydney, Mandy worked at Central Sydney Osteopathy and also served as a practitioner member on panels conducting inquiries for the Osteopathic Council of NSW.

Mandy has experience treating people of all ages, from babies, through adulthood and the elderly. She is experienced in treating child and adult sporting injuries, from amateur through to professional levels. Mandy enjoys the variety of work that comes with private practice and enjoys helping with general aches and pains as a result of work and life strains on the body.

Mandy is particularly passionate about helping women during, pre- and post-partum. Pregnancy is a wonderful, exciting time but can be uncomfortable for many. Being able to assist in making the journey as comfortable as possible is very rewarding. Mandy has completed additional training in this area and is a certified Optimal Maternal Positioning Ambassador. Please reach out if you are interested in finding out more about what you can do throughout pregnancy to ensure that your pregnant body is balanced and mobile to facilitate progress of labour and optimal recovery post-delivery.

Mandy Bell, Village Osteopaths

Mandy Bell